Saturday, August 29, 2015

Life and Career Coach ~ more like Positive Pathways Coach

Her energy and buoyant belief in you and what YOU CAN do are infectious.

Asking useful questions in a way that you can actually hear, and at the right timing for you to "get it"…engaging you in outlining AND accomplishing the steps toward actualization ~ of goals ~ but more-so, of self awareness ~ which is when everything else falls into place, right?!

Linda Lesem's workshops for Moms in Transition combines Positive Psychology with a professional toolbox of coaching foundations. These coupled with her uniquely sincere passionate energy and her skillful compassionate articulations / suggestions of HOW you can actually get there (of course it's all up to you!) WILL take flight and create your next…

Workshops are limited in space, creating a warm, safe nucleus of transformative energy. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

East Bay Children's Book Project

from East Bay Children's Book Project

"The East Bay Children’s Book Project was founded to help build literacy by putting books into the hands of children who have little or no access to them. Working through individuals and organizations who help children in need, the East Bay Children’s Book Project has given out over 475,000 free books since opening its doors in May 2005."

"Our books are picked up and given directly to children in need by teachers, social workers, health care professionals, community outreach groups, housing authority employees, and police officers. Some are used by schools, daycare and community centers, homeless shelters, and hospitals to create libraries at their sites. Our clients determine how best to meet the needs of the children with whom they work."

Friday, December 17, 2010

Inneract Project ::: Building Community Through Design

from Inneract Project

What is the Inneract Project? 
Inneract Project is a professionally supported program that provides free design classes for inner-city youth, in order to channel their creativity into viable career paths. Classes are free and taught at both the Academy of Art University and Ex'pression College for Digital Arts by local design professionals. Current class disciplines include graphic design, architecture.

Inneract Project's mission is to expose under-served youth to careers in design by providing free classes, mentorship, and support for higher education. It is Inneract Project's goal to offer design as a means for positive transformation and expression.

Under-served youth have the least access and exposure to fields in design. IP's vision is to provide middle school students access to these fields in an inspirational college setting, at an age when aptitude and curiosity can be best harvested. We do this by connecting the design community with urban communities, schools and families in a collaborative effort to help under-resourced youth achieve their highest potential. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Oakland : Eastside Stories, art project by artist Rene Yung

from Our Oakland : Eastside Stories

Our Oakland : Eastside Stories is an integrated public art project by artist Rene Yung that will beautify the new East Oakland Community Library and create a new platform for community storytelling about East Oakland.  The overall theme of the project is Mutuality + Transformation, meaning that as members of a community, each of us is interconnected and we have the power to individually and collectively take action to make positive changes in our communities.
This project consists of three parts:
  • Public Art in the Library with art glass in a 64-foot clerestory window and an Interactive Pod
  • A Digital Archive of Community Stories about East Oakland
  • Community building activities including forming new partnerships and hosting storytelling events to build a new community online that will help build community on the ground.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oakland Seen by Artist Alan Leon

Oakland Seen by Alan Leon
by Oakland Seen & Alan Leon

A series of Oakland sketches can be viewed on the Oakland Seen site. Oakland inspires many types of expression, and these drawings of Lake Merritt capture a beautiful and unique urban location (the nation's first wildlife refuge; 1870).