Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obsessed Artist | World United

by Obsessed Artist | World United project(s)
from their website "...making a positive change and uniting the world with artistic influence."
"One of the ways we try to give back through Obsessed Artist is to promote creativity and help ensure that healthy imaginations shape our world to come. We created a non-profit that functions within oa: one with hopes of making a positive change and uniting the world with artistic influence. We naturally named our non-profit World United. World United is an entity catered to the needs of obsessedartist.com: envisioning a world united through the arts.

Engaging Communities Because Obsessed Artist puts a lot of stock in the mantra “think globally, act locally!” we jump at the opportunity to lend our time and resources toward involving ourselves in community pursuits and enhancing the presence of the arts within it. If it’s teaching elementary kids how to tie-dye and draw self-portraits, or contributing to a collective mural on a long forgotten building, we look forward to being involved! If you yourself are organizing a community event, be sure to recruit volunteers through our many tools including our member uploaded events calendar section, and give everyone a chance to make a difference!"
artist: ashmax891 | source: http://obsessedartist.com